ICOM IC-7300 IC-9700 LZ5PW

LZ5X is my contest calsign after 04.11.2021.


Bulgaria, Plovdiv (KN22JD), op. Vassy (Vasy on CW)

Member of Thracian Rose Club - TRC#186, RCWC - #1226, CWOps - #2260, eQSL - AG and LoTW. Profiles on qrzcq.com, qrz.com,
hamqth.com, hrdlog.com, clublog.org. QSO Map and on Google Map after February 2019 (I lost my paper callbook). Websdr's of LZ5PW. SWL: LZ1-I-214


Plovdiv is the fifth oldest living city in the world, defined by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, and is 7,000 years old

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